Bears and Tigers and Chain Saws, Oh my!

My parents LOVE, LOVE the cottage. I think they’ve been up every weekend.  The weekend they weren’t going to go, we were going to go.  My mom then promptly changes her mind, and says, Oh, we’ll come up too.  Way too much closeness.

Around the cottage there all these trees and it’s higher on a hill.  Not a high hill. And at the valley is the golf course.… Some of the trees have fallen and are just old logs.  My dad is obsessed with them. They hired some local guy to come and chop off some of the little dinky trees to kind of clean it up.  Pull up and cut the old dead trees and use the logs for the fireplace.  Well, up there is not NYC, so everything is done at a different time line. Much slower time. So all the logs and dead trees have not been cleaned up yet.

And there is one particular log that is almost on the golf course that he has become particularly obsessed with. His albatross… his… I don’t know just main focus and topic of discussion.  He’s been telling DH how he wants to get drag the dead tree (it’s not even log but a HUGE dead tree) up the hill to the house using a winch and pulley system and then chop it up.  What has been the monkey wrench in his fan?? He doesn’t own a chain saw.  That’s right, he owns pulleys and a winch, but the chain saw, nope.  He doesn’t have that one.  He’s been telling DH how the two of them are going to work out the plan to pull the dead tree up, and they go over logistics, and they drink some beer, and the plan gets better and better.  This conversation has been going on for WEEKS!!!  DH even tried to convince me that we should get him a chain saw for his birthday. I said no freaking way!!  He’s going to throw out his back, possibly drag my mom into a weird plan where she loses a finger, and DH will have to drag dead trees up the hill on his weekends away.  Well today, my dad  called to tell us that he got the chainsaw.  So the next weekend we are there, the boys will be hauling up dead trees. I can picture it now… the log is going to roll onto the golf course, and the whole point of buying the cottage in that development (for the golf course) will be null and void as the entire family will be forever banned from stepping foot on the golf course.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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