DH Is Such a DIVA

That’s right!  With capital D-I-V-A and sparkles and possibly a feather boa!

This weekend we are planning on spending the weekend at the cottage, and the number of invitees is increasing.  And I said, in our room we will probably have to bring the bunk beds back in.  His diva-ish response: I don’t want to share a room.  This is the last weekend of the summer, and I’m not sharing with anyone!

I was shocked!!  I mean, who died and made him the prince of the cottage??  And it’s not like he has to share a room with strangers.  It’s our friends.  He’s like, you’re not serious?? I’m silent, and I finally respond, No, I’m not.

The “discussion” then escalates to, It’s OK for you to invite your friends, but when I want to invite mine, there isn’t any room.


Not only were his friends invited this weekend, they couldn’t come.  The other weekend HIS friends suggested to come was when my sister was coming to visit.  And yes, based on the invitees, his friends won’t have a place to sleep.  And I don’t think my sister is traveling all this way to hang out with his friends.  I think she’s coming to hang out with hers and my friends.  Not only did I say, invite your friends ANY weekend in OCTOBER, but that apparently is not OK. They have to come the one weekend when the 5 bedroom cottage is full.  Now, I’m even scared to mention to him that he will have to SHARE a room.

SO this then lead me to a mental rant and further fight with him.  Have we not gone on vacations with his friends??  Does he not have his buddy fest to various locations without me and O???  Do I get to have these?? No. I do travel for work, but that is not the same thing.  Just to get him to COMMIT to a vacation together is like pulling teeth.  Then he complains that we never go anywhere.  You know what, YOU CAN KISS MY AAA!

I bet $20 that the vacation I am planning next year with my sister and her hubby will only end up being me, O, sister and her hubby.  DH will come up with some excuse of why this or that is not for him, and he doesn’t want to go.  But this will end up a different fight months down line becuase I went on a vacation without him!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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2 Responses to DH Is Such a DIVA

  1. Aunty says:

    We can sleep in a tent!?

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      No comment! Fight continued this morning. Whatever! He can feel slighted all he wants. I don’t think he’s right about this one.

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