Little Teeth

The other day at daycare, when I show up, V tells me that Cheeky was super bad that day.  She was so bad in fact that she was in another time out when I got there.  Since she’s not allowed to move from the time out, she was yelling instructions at me from the spot.  Mommy, me tim out!  Tim out here (and she points to where she is sitting).  Me bad.  Mommy, mommy!!

It turns out that she bit one of the girls on the arm, and the little girl still had the teeth marks on there.  I saw the little evil teeth marks on the little girls arm. I asked her if she is OK.  Then I went to O and asked her what she did.  She was a little sad, with her head down. I explained you can’t bite people, that is not nice.  Did you say sorry to the girl?  Sorry, Mommy, sorry (her head hung low in shame and embarrassment).  I ask her to give her a hug, and she does.  But then as we get home, DH tells me that O has drawn on the couch with a pen.  As soon as we get home, we take her to scene of the crime.  She keeps shaking her head, and saying Mommy, NO! Cacky, no!!  She knows.  She realizes what she did was wrong.  But we confront her, and ask her if she knows why we are upset.  Yeah…. (head low).  Sorry Mommy, Sorry Cacky.  And gives us both a hug!

She had a pretty rough day that day.  Poor baby.  But getting back to the biting.  The little girl she bit in all fairness is a bully.  Or she tries to dominate all the other kids at daycare.  When she comes in, she hits all the kids and pushes O. I think this particular day, O was fed up with being pushed around, and was sick of being the pushing and hitting bag for the little girl.  As soon as O bit her, she ran to V and said Me bit mout.  At least she’s honest.

Yesterday, she was an excel child. No biting or hitting.  When V saw O, she asked, What did Mommy say to you, O?  My little genius answers, Mommy, mout NO bite! How smart?

I haven’t seen the little girl’s mother since the incident, but when I do, should I say something like Sorry?  She’s never acknowledged that her daughter bullies all the other kids around.  I guess it’s already been two days, and kids will be kids. And it’s not like we are not disciplining her.  I would like to think that she knows that she did something wrong, and will probably not do it again… until she is pushed to the edge.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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