Translation: Penguins!

Even though all friends dropped off like flies to come with us, O and I still had our adventure this weekend.  On Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful day and we took a trip into the city to the Central Park Zoo.  But since DH was working we had to take public transport.  Bus to subway and walking.  Surprisingly, the public transport went pretty smoothly.  The bus was right there as we arrived at the bus stop.  O loved the bus.  She sat in her chair and flirted with people on the bus.

SIDE BAR:  We of course used the new Chicco Liteway, and since you have to fold the stroller when getting on the bus, let’s just say the Bugaboo would have been IMPOSSIBLE to take.  Not only did I have the diaper bag, the stroller, O had her purse, and I had to pick up O when getting on the bus.  The two pieces for Bugaboo would have been a small nightmare to get on the bus!

The subway was not as much fun as the bus since we were underground.  But we get there in the allotted 1 hour and 10 minutes as MTA trip planner said it would.  I stop to get a croissant, orange juice and a bottle of water. O demands to have the water bottle in her stroller with a straw.  We barely make it out of the store, when she spills half the bottle on herself.  So we had to make a detour to Baby Gap (fortunately, they are open at 10 am), and finally we are back on our way to the Zoo.

First we to walk by the sea lion, who were being quite the exhibitionists, climbing up on the side of the tank, almost falling out.  O was intrigued, but not that much into them.  We were told that the penguins were being fed, so we walked over there, and she LOVED the penguins.  If you haven’t seen the penguin exhibit, it’s awesome.  You see the penguins swimming up to you since the tank is one side of the room.  And all the kids were watching the penguins, and was watching the penguins swim around her. As I was explaining to her what they were, and she says PENGEENS!!!!  She watched them swim near her…

Then we moved on to the polar bear exhibit, and she was in seventh heaven.  I don’t think I can properly explain how excited she was to see the polar bear swimming in the tank.  Cacky called just as we were coming out of the exhibit, and I put the phone to her ear, and she was cute…. she told her dad all about the bears and the penguins.  She was so excited and animated with her explanations.  We were both really impressed.

The best was as we went to the Snow Leopard exhibit, and the he was sleeping near the window, so all the kids were super excited to see it.  What did my sweet daughter do? She was banging on the glass and screaming, KITTY, KITTY!!!  I think that “kitty” would have her for breakfast.

This was our third trip to a zoo.  And by far she was the most interactive she’s ever been.  She loved every minute of it.  I think the next trip will be back at the Bronx Zoo.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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  1. Aunty says:

    Oh, how much fun, where can we take her when I come?

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