Smartest Baby or Dillusional Mother??

That is the question.  Which I think most parents face.  Whose child is the smartest baby?  I don’t know many mothers with toddlers O’s age, so it’s hard for me to compare (I would like to think that I would never compare.  After all, each child is an individual….but who are we kidding? I am super competitive. I can’t watch sporting events calmly.  I would just never say anything because I would not want to hold O to some unattainable standard.  However, chances are that O is the smartest most advanced toddler when compared to others….) It’s the women at day care that keep telling me how smart she is.  So I go with it… Why not??

Here are some milestones that I think make O the smartest baby:

  • She has identified and told Cacky what a triangle is.  And she has done this on several occasions.  Granted she does not accentuate, but it’s clearly an “Iangle”
  • Today she got on the phone with her Auntie, and said Mommy Cacky (blah blah blah incomprehensible gibberish) plane.  She was telling her about her trip with Mommy and Daddy on the plane.  Auntie might say she does not agree with this or heard any of it, but I swear this what she was trying to say.
  • She retells us stories of things that happened to her. Like if she bangs her …. (fill in the blank. She’s pretty clumsy) she tells how it happened, and who did what.  Usually the floor, table, wall, Daddy walking, etc. was at fault.
  • You can tell that the wheels in her head are turning when she wants to decided if she wants to be good and do what we ask, or go ahead and do as she pleases and get a time out.
  • She puts her dishes away in the sink…when she wants and it strikes her fancy.
  • She moves her stool by the table when she sees me getting her food ready.  That is only if she is hungry. If she’s not, don’t even bother trying to show her any food.
  • She goes up and down stairs by herself.  Gently, but she does it.
  • She has started putting two words together. Like Mommy NO, Cacky Coming.  Mommy Mean (that was after I wet her toes the other day).
  • Most of the time puts her toys away.  She does this of her own volition in the bath when she is ready to come out.

I know JB is slightly (OK, a lot) skeptical about how much O can do, but I am confident O is up there on the smartness level. But don’t worry, JB, you will be testing her IQ shortly!!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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