First Flight EVER

Sorry for the absence, but we took a short vacation to visit DH’s family in far off places.  Well, not that far.  About 1-1/2 hour flight.  But still, even for such a short flight, it required a lot of preparation. Mental as well as physical.

I tried to use a lot of different sources on advice on how to fly with a toddler.  I scrolled through some websites including Flying with Kids and a website to rent baby items.  Since we drove to the airport, and once we got to our destination we would be downtown, we didn’t bring a car seat.  But what if we need it??  Wee Travel can deliver the  items to your location, which is great.

Anyway, but I digress.  Once we got to the airport, and checked in, and the Frankie Doll and all the books were safe in her doggie bag, we had to go through security.  For a child who usually likes to walk around barefoot, she refused to take her shoes off at security.  We make it through, and the toughest part was the waiting.  The terminal did not have any baby/toddler friendly snacks.  NO APPLE JUICE!!! I mean, what the hell??  She was running around like a crazy person.  One of the tips was to board the plane as close to the end as possible that way the baby is not stuck in one place for too long.

So finally we get on the plane.  Since she had on lap seat, she had to be facing me, and I would have to hold her like I was burping her.  Now, you try holding a slippery, cranky toddler still.  Fortunately, as soon as we took off, she got scared a bit, and hung on to me for dear life.  But she was sucking away at her pacifier, and she didn’t have any problems with the air pressure.  Throughout the flight, we tried to entertain her without annoying the rest of the passengers.  I think overall she did well.  Then finally, we made it to my MIL’s house after a ferry ride, a bus ride, a subway ride, and a short walk.  We were hot, and couldn’t wait to get there.

O right away was her charming self. Cooing at my MIL and DH’s aunt.  And then time for bed.

Then on Sunday, was Gay Pride, and the floats came right by the house. So we planted ourselves right in front, and O loved it!!!  I mean, she was dancing, and she got more attention than the drag queen floats.  She had beads and feathers and rainbow flags… her favorite float was the one with the boys in hot pants dancing.

'Nauf Said

Fascinated by the floats!

DH's Uncle ran across the street risking life and limb to get O the gigantic Lesbian Pride balloon.

But the bootie shaking was by far the best.

Then on the way home, in the lounge to wait she was cracking herself up running around, flirting with people.  And the lounge was AMAZING.  I mean they had free drinks and snacks.  The flight back was more challenging.  Not only was our flight much later, but she was pretty tired from the weekend, so she was less cooperative. And to prove it, I have a nice scratch on my jaw from her claw-like fingernails.  But as we took off from the airport, she was much more interested in the action of it.  She WEEE’d as she saw the land get further and further away.  When we landed, the same thing. A lot of excitement.

After we made it to economy parking, our car was parked right in the flight path of the planes taking off, and seeing the planes so big and so close to her was amazing.  Her eyes were so BIG as she watched the plane flew overhead.

And now, two days later, we are still trying to get back into our rhythm.  But we are still tired. Had to cancel all our plans for this weekend, to let O take a 4 hour nap, so she won’t torture us for the rest of the week.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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