Pee Pee Dance

No, this is not what you think.  Over the last few weeks, O has been telling me Pee Pee or Caca after she fills her diaper with the pee or poo. We sit on the potty.  She sits on her potty, I sit on my potty.

My friend mentioned that the best way to get her used to sitting on the potty, right before her bath, as she is nude, have her sit on the potty.  So I have been trying this.  Right before bath, she runs around the house nude.

She has told me she wants to go peepee as she is in the bath with shampoo in her hair, so I pull her out, put her on her potty.  And we wait…  Nothing happens… Then I take her back into the bath.  And she pees in the bath. Great!

Last night, again, nude in the bathroom, she says Mommy, Peepee.  I learned my lesson.  She obviously wants to pee, but I have to be more patient. So the dance begins.  She sits on the potty.  She gets up, and pats down the toilet for me to sit. I sit. Not good enough because I am still wearing my pants. So I have to pull my pants down and sit.  Two minutes later, she gets up and wants to sit on the toilet. I hold her as she sits on the toilet.  She starts pulling the toilet paper down. I say No, concentrate on going peepee.  Mommy Peepee. I know, but you have to go peepee.  She wants to get down.  She walks to the bath.  Then back at the potty again. She sits down. Gets up. Walks away. Calls her father.  Then points to the toilet.  Sit on the potty.  Gets up. Points to  bath.  Mommy, Peepee.  Then sit down on the potty and go peepee.  And the dance continued. I kept having to sit on the toilet about 5 times.  And each time I peed.  I know.  Weird.  That’s what O should be doing.

Then all of a sudden, as she is standing next to the potty, she starts peeing.  I immediately put her on the potty, and she finishes peeing.  YEY! O, what a big girl you are! You peed in the potty.  I clap. She claps. I kiss her and hug her.  Then she starts point to it, and proceeds to put her finger in her pee.  Fantastic!  I tell her, We need to show your Daddy that you peed in the potty. (He went to run an errand, so he wasn’t there to witness the monumental achievement.)  We take the bath, come out, Cacky comes home, and we show Daddy that O peed in the potty.  (NOTE: She is clean at this point.) And she puts her hand in the pee again.  Great!  Wash her hands, then I let her run around the house in the nude.

She was running around. All of a sudden I hear, Mommy, Peepee!  As she is standing in the doorway of her room, she pees…right there… in the middle of the hallway… At least it was on hardwood floor. Oh No!! And she was clean… Now I have to rinse her legs again.

Overall, it was a good day!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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