Something in the Air Part 2

Yes, the saga continues…

On Thursday, we started bedtime routine like usual.  Sesame Street, reading in the room, turning off lights and just sitting.  Then she points to her crib, and in she goes.  Kiss her good night, and close the door.  But Friday night, it was different.  At like 8:30 she starts crying hysterically.  DH goes in there. She standing in her crib, crying.  And hiccuping because she was crying so much.  Elmo, Elmo, she calls. Mommy, Mommy!!  DH brings her in the living room, and we watch Elmo. I heat her a bottle of milk.  She watches Elmo.  And then we go again to her room. I change her diaper.  And we read another chapter in Charlotte’s Web.  We turn off the light, and we sit in the chair. I stroke her back for 5 minutes. Then I put her in the crib.  As soon as I put her in, she starts crying.  I walk out and let her cry.  We can hear her from the living room, standing in her crib, crying, MOMMY, MOMMY!!! CACKY!!!!! CACKY!!!  (She is obviously very distressed since she’s calling both us!)

Bang, the pacifier is thrown from her mouth!  Then she starts banging her hand on the top side of the crib.  The whole thing was very aggressive.  And the hysterical crying continued.

9:15, I finally go in there as there was no stopping her. I pick her up, and take her in our room. I don’t lay down with her, I just lay her down, and she is out in like 5 minutes.  She is obviously very tired.

I regroup with DH in the living room. What should we do?  We should move her now because if she sleeps for too long, then she’ll get more energy and cry longer.  Executive decision made, I have to get her back in her crib.  Back in our bedroom, I have no idea how I can pick her up and transfer her without waking her up.  Well, never fear, that is impossible.  The second I touch her, she starts crying.  There is no salvaging this.  I pick her up, take her in her room.

Both DH and I are in the room, and O is hysterical.  DH starts shsh’ing her, which seems to calm her down, but she’s not laying down. We decide that we are going to pretend to sleep in her room.  So we lay down on the carpet, she’s still crying.  Standing in her crib. Crying.  She lays her head down on her hands as she is holding on the crib rail.  But she’s not moving.  She actually falls asleep in that position and falls over on the mattress. We think, this is a good time to start moving out of her room.  But in her stubbornness she pops her head up, above the crib bumper.  Every two minutes or so, I see her head pop up.  I start laughing because she is clearly exhausted, but she won’t give up on letting us out of her sight.  Finally I managed to slide out of the room.  DH follows slowly. But at the last minute, as he is about to come out of her room, his knee pops.  And she is up crying.

It is now 10:20 pm.  3 hours after her bedtime.  We can do nothing, but let her cry it out.  This time she only cries for about 10 minutes before she is out.

Friday night, we had a similar issue. She didn’t want to fall asleep.  So we say, fine, O, we will watch Elmo, but will you go to sleep without crying?  She nods Yes.  So we watch, and we do the bedtime routine again.  And she cries…. and we are shocked.  This time it doesn’t drag out as long, because we don’t go in there again.  After 20 minutes of cries, she is asleep at 8:30 pm (1 hour after her bedtime).  When we come out, exhausted, DH says, We were completely stupid to think that she will go to bed without fuss because we let her watch Elmo.  She is not even 2 years old!  Why did we think that she understood this??? Well I say, because she nodded yes.

Lesson… you can’t really barter with a 19 month old.  She just doesn’t get it.

Saturday night and Sunday night she tried to pull the same maneuver.  But we didn’t go in there, and she fell asleep within 10 minutes.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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2 Responses to Something in the Air Part 2

  1. Aunty says:

    Is this terrible two’s early?

  2. RidgewoodMom says:

    Apparently the terrible two’s start at about 18 months and continue until 3-1/2. I think the two doesn’t refer to the age, rather to the amount of time it lasts. YEY!!

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