Those of you who get emails from me are probably really sick of this headline.  Sorry, sis, you get it one more time!!!

Our family is an avid World Cup and European Cup followers.  So in dedicated fashion, we went to a friend’s house, who is English, husband is American, and had a really good time.  They also have twin girls, so O was although shy at first, all over the place.

The morning started with us on a mission: Finding a USA t-shirt for O, and face paint to write USA on her chubby cheeks.  We went to BJ (also buying diapers), Toys R Us and Kmart, and pretty much NOTHING.  No simple USA t-shirts. Everything had the eagle, or some army stuff.  Absolutely NO face paint.  We went back and forth on maybe putting lipstick or eyeliner or her.  I thought it was crazy, so we settled for finger paints.  And we bought little flags for her wave, a pair of red shorts with red, white and blue stars on them, and little blue muscle shirt.

After we dressed her up, she looked like a little boy, so we had to put pigtails in her hair.

The smallest fan!

Then she was super cute.  Putting the face paint on her was a challenge.  The texture of the paint was a little slimy and a little gross.  And her cheeks are much too little to write USA on them.  Instead we wrote USA on the her arms, and put war paint on her cheeks.

Once we got to our friend’s house, she was a little shy, but since the twins have so many new and exciting toys, she came out of her shell pretty quickly.  She of course the best behaved child because she was in public.  And so she made it seem like our life was peaches and roses all the time.  The telltale sign was when Sam asked, Does O ever have temper tantrums?  With a pleading look in her saying please say yes…  And yes, she has them, and we just walk away.  But then what we were both trying to tell them, is that O is 5 months older than the twins.  And even though for us it’s not much, for little kids in those 5 months they reach some HUGE milestones.  And at their age, O was a nightmare of whining, complaining, nothing ever good, everything was awful, I’m awful, everything sucks, and what is the point of it.  But then we finally made it to 18 months, and all of a sudden a switch went on, and she started communicating with us.  Finally, we could understand what she wanted, and it became less of a battle.  And to be honest, we have also chosen our battles.  She still doesn’t want to eat green or red or any veggies for that matter.  So we feed her lots of fruits, and she loves omelets, so we make omelets.  But we haven’t given up.  We try to introduce new foods, but sometimes, she’s healthy, she eats a lot at day care, so why torture ourselves with the few hours we see her a day???

As a side note, Sam, you are doing an amazing job!!!  I know it’s hard, but this is by far the toughest stage.  Wait till they get 18/19 months and then they will communicate more with you, and it will get easier.  They are healthy, happy, even though sometimes cranky.  I know I haven’t been a good friend to you (and to others, let’s be frank) becuase it’s so difficult to plan anything and stick to it.  But I haven’t been making too much of an effort.  I should really try more.  And I will not be one of those “friends” who gives her opinion freely!  Sometimes the best is to commiserate and bitch together…

Hugs and kisses, to all the moms of small children out there… what doesn’t break you makes you stronger… Sam, you are the Rock of Gibraltar!!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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2 Responses to USA USA USA

  1. Sam says:

    Roll on 18 months is all I can say! I actually read this a while ago and was too busy coping with a week long temper tantrum to comment. Commiserating helps, but I don’t mind free opinions either, I’ve realised since having 2 that tips and advice don’t always work with them both but can sometimes help one. Thanks for the hugs though, I definitely could use them today (and everyday) – backatcha to though as all small children are enough to drive anyone crazy. “O” was lovely though that day and even if mine only act like that in public then that would be a good start. On a side note, my girls have recently started dancing at my request which is a lot of fun. C has moves to rival Tims tap!

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      Nice!!! Can’t wait to see C’s moves!!! Wait till they start singing!! It’s is by far the cutest thing!

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