Rough 36 hours

O had a pretty tough 36 hours.  It all started on Wednesday afternoon after day care.  We were walking home after parking the car, and she was doing her cute running, where her butt was shaking back and forth. (If you haven’t seen a toddler run, go to the park and watch them… it is super cute.)

as a side bar, when my sister was little, the story in the family goes, I don’t remember this, that she was always running.  Everywhere she went, she ran. Then she would trip, as toddlers do, and she would get up, shake her hands together to get rid of the dirt, fix her hair, and continue running.  As I watch O run, I picture that that’s what my sister used to look like running. And I actually think that she looks a lot like my sister did when she was little.  Even though DH is super disappointed since his mom’s side of the family genes have pretty much taken over his sister’s family… we think the postman or the milkman is the father of her 3 children.  They look nothing like the dad. All look like DH”s side of the family.  But I guess my Eastern Euro genes are much stronger than his Eastern Euro genes.

Back to the story.  So she was running in her funny way, then she tripped.  Nothing really happened, just a little shock.  Then 4 houses later she stopped paying attention where she was stepping and she tripped again, but this time, knee really scraped the sidewalk, tears rolling down her face, blood coming out, nothing super bad, just very big.  This is how her now perfectly soft knees will become rough with scars…. Anyway, take her inside, wash the knee, tons of tears, put the Neosporin on (thank GOD I had the foresight to buy the Neosporin!!!), and then we have to struggle with her to put the huge band-aid on (again, thank GOD I bought a multi sized pack of band-aids).  She was pretty much in a bad mood after that.  Even after the sting of the Neosporin wore off, she was milking the sympathy card.

Then bedtime, a bit of a fight, but she went down.  Then at like 10:30 pm, I go to bed.  As the stubborn and cheap people that we are, we have yet to install our air conditioners.  We are still using the fan. DH fell asleep in the living room with the loud fan on and the TV even louder so he could hear over the fan.  And since I need to keep my bedroom door open for some sort of air circulation, all I heard was the Fan and some random TV show.  I check, he’s asleep so I turn off the TV.  Go back to bed, it is now 12:30 am.  Then 10 minutes later O is screaming.  I go in, I pick her up to hug her, and she holds on to me for dear life.  Must have had a really bad dream.  I try putting her in back in her crib, and she’s just screaming.  Then I think, fine, I’ll take her to bed with me. And we do. She starts rolling around, and rolling, then I check on her, and she is a foot away from about to roll off the bed.  That’s it, she’s going back in her crib.  I take her there, she screams, I tell her it’s ok, and I walk away and close the door. Two seconds later, I hear THUD.  I run in, (the light isn’t working becuase the ceiling fan is on) so I can’t see anything. My knee hits O in the head, who is clearly OUT of her crib.  Then DH comes running in, clicks the light switch, turning off the ceiling fan, but no light comes on.  WHY THE FUCK ISN’T THE LIGHT WORKING, he says.  Because the fan is on.  We stumble out of her O’s room, make it into ours, turn on the light, look O over, who is HYSTERICALLY crying.  She looks fine, nothing bumpy on her.  We put her on our bed, and she starts laughing. OK, she’s fine.  Then she pats down my pillow, and says Mommy.  Then she pat’s down DH’s pillow and says Cacky!  She’s fine.  She sleeps between us that night, with periodic talking, and rolling around.  She finally settles in, I finally fall asleep at 3:30 am.  At 6:10 am the alarm goes off, and up and at ’em we are.

Oddly enough, I was not that tired during the day.  At 3:40 pm I get an email from V at day care, letting me know that O had an accident at the park and fell on her face.  She was shaken up, crying, but she is OK. I couldn’t believe it!  I mean, what is going on?  Do all kids go through a phase where they just fall?  But I mean in less than 24 hours she had three major falls.  Will the falls affect her mental capacity?  Will she be less smart now?  I can’t even bring myself to respond to V’s email.

When we pick her up from daycare, she has a mark on her forehead, her chin is scraped up, and her lip is a little swollen.  POOR BABY!!!!  Before we even get home, we know it will be a really rough night.  Considering she had another bad fall not too long before that, but she barely slept the night before, DH and I are bracing for the worst.  And it was the worst.  Nothing made her happy, we thought maybe a bath will pacify her. She was hysterically crying, wouldn’t even step in the bathroom, only Elmo pacified her. And I was really slow in putting up Elmo and I was told about it…. well cried at.  Then at bed time, she again didn’t want to stay in her crib, and I saw how she fell out the night before.  She pulled herself up with her hands, then she swigged  one of her legs over the crib banister, and pushed herself out.  THAT’S IT!!  DH and I were ready to change to toddler bed since obviously she would not stay in her crib. As we were reading instructions, we realized there was yet another lower level on the crib that we could move the mattress down.  So we did, as O was crying and whining.  In the end, we finally put her in, she was still crying, but she was so tired, we couldn’t even read to her.  So we let her cry it out, and she eventually fell asleep.

She slept through the night, then at 5:45 am, she was up, MOMMY!! MA-MMMY!!  CACKY!!!!  PUPPY!!!  until 6:10 when I got up, heated up her milk, made my coffee, brushed my teeth, and finally she was out of the crib.  So far she was in a pretty good mood, but let’s see what the evening brings.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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