I look at O everyday and am amazed at her naughtiness!!  I mean you can see the trouble-making glimmer in her eye.  For example…

We have a measuring chart in her room, and we measure her every month or so.  Well, we have told her on SEVERAL occasions that No, you can not use a crayon to color on the measuring chart.  The other day, she goes up to the chart (crayon in hand), and I warn her, O… Don’t do what you are thinking of doing… Ehh (says her).  She quickly turns around, crayon poised at the ready, and she starts scribbling.  Her scribbles of course take her off the measuring chart, and end up on the wall. O, I say more sharply.  She quickly drops the crayon and moves away.  Damage done!

    She’s laying on the couch, watching Elmo. I’m working on the computer, and starts pushing the laptop with her foot. I say, O, don’t do that.  She continues. O, one more time and you go in time out. Her Dad, O stop acting up. She pushes again. That’s it, TIME OUT.  We put her in the corner, explain why. She sits there, chatting to herself, and doing god knows what.  I go back after the minute is up. I ask her, do you know why you are in time out? She shakes her head No, and smiles. (Bowl hair cut flying back and forth). I explain again. I ask, Are you going to do it again?  She nods, Yes.  And smiles and gives a hug.  Has she learned a lesson? I have no idea.

    I mean, it’s on a daily basis. Little things here and there. You tell her, No, don’t touch the glass. She looks you straight in the eye, and pushes the glass.  At day care, I can only image the chaos she creates around her.  Is this a phase? I don’t think so.


    About RidgewoodMom

    Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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