First Babysitter…EVER

First, apologies for not writing in like two weeks.  It has been a super crazy two weeks… baby related, work related, parents related, friends related, neighborhood related. This post will deal with baby….

On Thursday night, DH and I went out.  For a few drinks and a friend’s gallery opening.  And we got a babysitter (not my mom) to watch O.  She is a great friend, and has been kind enough over the years to watch babies and dogs.  Granted I really think she got screwed when she watch the Snausage, since as mentioned previously, the Snausage is CRAZY!!  I think she still likes the Snausage after the traumatic experience she put her through (stealing her boyfriend’s boxers and running around the apartment, forcing her 6 ft. plus boyfriend to sleep on a tiny couch because the Snausage needed the whole bed, and other such wonderful misadventures.)  Frankly, I was surprised she came back for more….but she did.

DH picked her up early from day care.  Then Friend came over.  They went out back, started playing in the yard, and then DH after 15 minutes or so walked out.  He met me at work, and we went out for drinks.  Just as we were finishing our drinks, Friend called saying that O was crying hysterically (and I heard her crying in the background).  I suggested that she put on Sesame Street, and see what happens.  I was really ready to give up and just go home.  DH said, NO.  O will be fine.  Anyway, I didn’t go home, we had fun.  Even went out for dinner.

When I got home, Friend was having a glass of wine, and told us about her evening.  The most traumatic experience turned out that she didn’t know how to use the wine opener, and had to google a video on how to do it.  O was super upset when she realized her Dad was gone. The Sesame Street helped.  But O wanted to hug Friend, but at the same time, didn’t want to hug friend.  Then finally they got on.  O took her to her room to draw.  She ate yogurt, juice…  In the end Friend survived, and her experience might have been better than dealing with Snausage.

The next morning, I don’t think O remembered that I wasn’t there the night before… All was well…


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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