Temper Tantrums…explained(?)

I actually don’t know how much explanation I can provide.  But I can definitely shed some light into manifestations, or what sets them off.

Getting dropped off at day care and realizing that No, Mommy can not stay to play all day.  Grab the pacifier out of her mouth and throw it on the floor.

Time to brush teeth and wash face to get ready for bed. She is not ready for bed, even though everything everyone does around her annoys the crap out of her.  Threw pacifier on the ground, flailing her arms, and even starts hitting her head.

Mommy/ Daddy aka MA will not be pulled by the finger in whichever directions.  Promptly drop to the floor and hysterically cry.

The remote control does not start Sesame Street.  Arch her back, throw her head back, hitting the back of the couch, then a dramatic slide down the couch and almost hitting her head on the coffee (just to add a bit MORE drama to the event).

At day care she also does not want to be touched by the other kids, she tries to hit them.

And today in my inbox, I received my weekly update from BabyCenter with the subject heading….Emotional Outbursts.  The advice was nothing short of confusing.  Everything from don’t put your toddler in time out as it will scar them for life, to making fun of the situation which can lead to kids not dealing with their emotions, to distracting them which may cause ADD, to walking away (again scarred for life because we didn’t acknowledge their feelings).

I have used the following tactics:

  • I don’t think I would put in time out for emotional outbursts.  But hitting other kids becuase you are cranky is a Time Out offense. And as you’ve seen from previous posts, I do not sky away from using time outs. Here and here and here (ok, so it seems to be my main disciplining tool)
  • Tell her to use her words.  Kind of useless at this point since she doesn’t talk.
  • I do try to walk away a lot.
  • I explain to her that it’s not all about what she wants.
  • If it’s really bad, I hug her, and kiss her tears away.  But I am not sure if this only feeds her frenzy
  • Or I try distracting by asking her various things, Can you bring me the Baby?  Where is your belly button? (her new favorite game.)

I wonder when she will outgrow this??? Probably NEVER!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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