Who Is This Child…

and what have you done with my sweet, smiley baby??  Let’s not kid myself and y’all in making you believe that everything is peaches and roses with O.  Far from it.  Some days, even with the half hour in the morning and the 2 hours at night, everything is a battle.  And the weekends… at about 3 pm, we start counting down.  4 hours until she goes to bed… a millennium later, 3 hours until she goes to bed. OH WAIT!  Today she is getting her bath, so technically the time together is even shorter, so 2 hours WOOHOO!!!  (The bath doesn’t count, since it take 15 minutes to prepare, she is in the bath for half hour, another 15 minutes to battle with getting the diaper on, slathering her in lotion, etc.)

I really think she is in her terrible twos already, even those her second birthday is still 10 months away.  Everything is a battle.  I want this, no I don’t want that, but I’ve changed my mind and I want it again.  Grunting until she gets what she wants.  Grabbing our fingers that she needs our presence and audience in order for her to pick up her crayons or color in her room.

And feedings…. My GOD!!! It’s like I’m torturing her.  I mean who wouldn’t want to eat homemade macaroni and cheese with Gruyere cheese and peas??  Not her!  Or her father made stuffed pasta shells with ricotta cheese.  NOPE.  Noi, noi, noi, the head shakes violently ready to pop off her neck.  What does she eat you ask?  How can she possibly sustain her heft??  Strict diet of cheese sticks, oatmeal (but only if she feeds herself with half of it ending on the floor), Club crackers, grapes, Yogurt, potatoes and hot dog bits or chicken nuggets.  NOTHING else, and don’t try to fool her with any organic crap!  That is for the birds.

And if we chose not to go with her when she wants us to, she starts hysterically crying.   And we just have to let her be.  On some level she has even started mocking us when we put her in Time Out.  After crying for a few seconds, she starts playing with her toes and laughing.  I mean what kind of punishment is that???


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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