Time for Bed

Being a working mom, most of the day O spends of most of her weekdays at Day Care.  We are very lucky that O loves day care, and everyone at the day care loves her and takes really good care of her.  But when we finally get home at night, we have about 1 hour to spend with O.  So the bedtime routine is not only important to calm her down and get her ready for sleep, but also for us to have fun.

DH and I pick her up together.  He drops us off in front of the house.  O waves goodbye to her Daddy, who goes to park the car.  We come in the house, and I help her take off her gloves and hat.  She takes them and puts them away.  Take the shoes and coat off.  Then we go wash our hands.  She runs to the bathroom, grabs the stool, which is about 4 feet away from the sink, and tries to move it.  She tries to climb the chair by herself. Can’t quite make it, so I help her up.  And after putting soap on her hands, and rubs her hands together to wash them.  After wards, we color, her Dad annoys her by saying that he will be playing in her room.  When she hears this she runs so quickly into her room to see what he is up to.  He can’t be left there alone.  Who know what he will do to the crayons???  We color, we feed the baby.

Sometimes she likes to eat a bit of dinner, and every other day, we have a bath.  We change diaper and into pjs.  Go brush our teeth. Then she runs to the couch to watch 10 minutes or so of Sesame Street.  This is very exciting.  She just lays down with her head on my lap.  Then she says good night to Elmo, kisses her Daddy good night, and off to bed. I put her in her crib, and then I read for 10 more minutes. During this time, she’s banging her pacifiers together, and just chatting.  Sometimes she stands up, and lays her head down on the bar (super cute, with the pacifer in her mouth).  After I finish the story, I kiss her good night, turn off light, close door and walk out.  She eventually falls asleep on her own. And it’s 7:10 pm

As usual, I still check on her before I go to bed just to put my fears to rest!!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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3 Responses to Time for Bed

  1. Sam says:

    That sounds so much more relaxing than our bedtimes! In fact, bedtime is definitely my most dreaded part of the day :o(

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      Never fear! This took quite a bit of time to get to this point. But we did the evil thing of letting her cry it out. It was only when she got too heavy to hold to rock back and forth that I stopped picking her up, and just let her fall asleep on her own. Don’t worry, you’ll get there!

  2. Sam says:

    Oh that’s good to know then. Oh we are oh, so familar with crying it out, but sometimes its not very pretty at all when 2 babies are egging each other on :o( I hope by 14/15 months it will be a different story

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