Best Museum Ever!!

In an effort to make O one of the most cultural little people around, to get her used to being around other people, and teach her how to behave in public, I’ve been dragging her fatty butt to different museums.  Last week, the American Museum of Natural History.  This week to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

Let me paint the picture….the proud grandparents were in town, so we decided to go to a museum, and I chose this one becuase it was close to my house.  But to get there, we had to drive through the ghettoest of Brooklyn ghettos.  And for suburban grandparents the drive was a bit traumatic.  We finally get there, and it’s a drab, dreary day, and the museum is big, dirty, yellow blob.  Not to mention, my Dad’s anxiety of the location, and the fact that we did not find parking immediately, he requested that we go back home.  Unfortunetely for him, as soon as he said that, we found a parking spot within the two block radius around that museum, in which he would allow his car to be parked.  And I noticed 5 families with 3 kids in toe heading to the museum, so I said, it can’t be that bad, with all these families heading to it.  So we drag my Dad out, and off we trot to the museum.

Let’s say that was the best decision we made. O LOVED it!! My Dad loved it, and my Mom was so proud to push the trendy stroller around (still a pain in my ass!)  As soon as we walked in, and I took O’s coat off, she just ran off.  We went to the international dance stage where she enjoyed the Polish Polka (appropriately since she is Eastern Euro background and lives in a predominantly Polish neighborhood).  Then we looked a fish swimming around, tried to steal some fake groceries from another kid’s shopping basket (from which she was pushed away), dragged a shopping based twice her height up and down stairs, ran up the ramp (which she found weird that it wasn’t flat), drew a on a piece of paper, had several temper tantrums, and went back to dancing!  We pretty much had to drag her out of the museum, but after two hours, I think she had enough. Any longer, and she would have gone CRAZY with over stimulation.

Last week at the American Museum of Natural History, she had fun looking around, but I think the information there went over her head.  I think she had more fun hanging out with my friends, her aunties, than looking at the stuff.  But there were a few things there she loved.  This flying dinosaur hanging overhead, a big tortoise, and looking at the kids.  And her absolute favorite was her auntie flying her like an airplane!!!  Who wouldn’t love that???

Next week…. Not sure what we will do…


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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