How O got to be so chunky!

I sent this to a friend earlier, so I hope it helped her.  Maybe it will help you:

This is what she eats, and she’s on a pretty rigid eating schedule.

This is what she’s doing right now:
6 am: 6 oz formula (1-1/2 scoops of baby rice of baby wheat.  I use the left over scoops from the formula)
9 am: 4 oz. formula (1 scoop of baby rice). I usually give her 2 oz. of formula before I feed her. 2 oz. of the new food I’m introducing.  This week it was oatmeal and cherries.  Then I finish off with the rest of the bottle, depending how much she will take.  Sometimes she only takes 1 more oz.  Sometimes finishes it.
12 or 1 pm (depending when she wakes up from her first nap).  Same as above.  2 oz of food is usually the protein like chicken or lentils.
4 pm Same as above. 2 oz. of food is usually the veggies.
7 pm.  Final feeding.  6 oz. (1-1/2 scoops of baby rice of baby wheat)

When I first introduced the food, I made a very loose baby rice and formula mixture.  And then I fed her using one of the soft tip spoons.  It was a bit of a mess, so get ready.  I only  fed her this for one meal a day.  The rest was formula.  After a week, I think I started with apple (5 days) for one meal and the baby rice for another meal, then carrots (5 days) and baby rice, sweet potato (5 days) and baby rice.  Some books say to get babies started on veggies first and then go to fruits.  And Yellow veggies first.

For example a daily meal would consist of:
Formula (she was on 4 oz here only.  She upped the ante only in the last month, where she is up to 6 oz.)
Baby Rice
Repeat for 4 more days.

Sweet Potato
Baby Rice
Formula (with rice)
Repeat for 4 more days

Then eventually I would vary it up
Formula (with rice)
Formula (with rice)
Formula (with rice)

Then after I introduced the foods separately I would mix them up, like Carrots and Peas, Apples and Pears, etc.

For the Formula bottles, I use these proportions: 2 oz water + 1 scoop formula + 1/2 scoop rice.  And just follow that for more oz. the baby needed.

With the food, make sure it’s liquidy enough that she can swallow when you are first introducing them to solid foods.  I use very runny oatmeal as my guidance for how liquidy the food should be. I think if you buy the food, they make it liquidy enough for each stage.  When I make her food, some of it was really thick consistency, so I would add formula to it before I fed her, to make it more liquidy.  And depending on her age, I would leave more and more chuncks.  Now she likes her food pretty chunky.

I make her food, because I am cheap and it is much healthier.  It’s pretty cuase I usually do it at night, and make enough for 5 days of each kind of meal (like a veggie, fruit and some sort of protein).  And sometimes extra.  And keep them in the freezer.  I would take them out of the freezer the night before, and I would heat them up for 15 seconds in the microwave before feeding her.   Add the formula, and presto!  Feeding time!

here are the websites again:

Making my own baby food has lead to O’s diaper rash issues (I know, I keep promising but the post will come soon enough).  She poops like it’s going out of style.


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