O-1, Mommy-2

Bedtime has become a bit of a challenge.  All of a sudden, O is getting demanding.  Based on the Eastern European beliefs, someone has given her the evil eye.  Now I have to dress her in RED from head to toe!!  Or put her in the most mismatched clothes, so she doesn’t attract any envious stares. Alas for me, that is not a difficult task to achieve.

Last night, we started our bedtime routine as usual.  We ate.  Then we read about Pooh Bear’s adventures.  But when it was time to close our eyes and ACTUALLY fall asleep, that was not so much fun.  She basically cried herself to sleep. Mommy 1, Baby 0.

In addition, I think she’s teething.  One of the few things that I noticed helps her is to put pacifiers in the freezer and then give them to her.  This seems to cool her gums and make things easier.  This has affected her pacifier halo in her crib.  Now she is down to 3.  At 1 am, those 3 pacifiers were completely out of reach so  she woke herself up.  I went in there to soothe her. Picked her up, rocked her, kissed her… Now, rocking a 20+ lb. baby for longer than 5 minutes is completely EXHAUSTING.  After 5 minutes, I attempt to put her down, and she starts crying.  I pick her up again, and do the worst thing, and bring her to bed with me.  She falls asleep, and I try to gently pick her to put her in her crib again.  Again, awkward position, completely wakes her up.  Of course as soon as I let her go, she starts crying.  I walk away…  Go to bed and sit there for a good 15 minutes as she is whining and crying.  Since she didn’t stop I go in there, and pick her up.  Mommy 1, Baby 1.

It’s like she knows, the second my body moves in the position to put her down, her little eyes are wide awake.  Every time I put her down she wakes up.  I also grab the rest of her pacifiers from the freezer and halo them around her head.  I have no choice, but let her cry it out.  FINALLY, at 2:30, she is asleep again!!!

Then this morning, the whining starts at 5:45 AM.  And I almost scream… JUST 5 MORE MINUTES!!

She falls asleep again, and I wake myself again in a sweat at 6:25 AM.  So late!!  This one is a tie: I get a point for sleeping in, but she gets a point becuase by her sleeping in we were late.

What I have learned: 1. Need the halo around her head. 2. Buy more pacifiers. 3. Move her bedtime to 7:30.

Final score for today: Baby 1, Mommy 2.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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2 Responses to O-1, Mommy-2

  1. frankiesmom12 says:

    I realized that this is the 2nd post in a row that talks about oversleeping. Bedtime definitely needs to be moved to 7:30.

  2. frankiesmom12 says:

    Last night I said to DH, Oh, I hope O doesn’t wake up again tonight. And to my horror, he had no idea she cried for 1 hour straight the night before. HE SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING!!

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