5 Must Have Baby Items

This is a list that goes beyond the usual, infant bath, bottles, stroller, etc. This is the list of those things that you think, I don’t need or I chose not to do it this way. Well… hope this changes your mind.

1. Pacifier (refuse to call it binkie) and pacifier holder that attaches to baby’s clothes

I started out thinking, I will NOT give O the pacifier. She should learn to sooth herself. 1 month after she was born, I quickly changed my tune, when the piercing screams were close to driving me mad, I quickly popped a pacifier in the mouth. Now, she has a halo of 6 pacifiers around her in her crib when sleeps. That way, if she so happens to get up in the middle of the night, she can reach out, and pop one in her mouth herself. The other night she moved out of the reach of pacifiers, and woke herself up. Which led to a screeching session since there was no pacifier within her reach. Now the pacifier holder is perfect because she can’t fling the pacifier on the ground anymore. The bad part, she can of course pull the clip from her bib, and flings it about herself. One day she will poke herself in the eye with it.

2. Excersaucer

Yes, it’s ugly, it’s big, it’s plastic, it’s a LIFE SAVER!! Thanks, friend, for sending it to me. I tell every new mom that she MUST, MUST get one of these. NO longer the TV as a babysitter, the Excersaucer as a babysitter. I put O in there, and she flings herself back and forth so much, that now she has managed to move it at least half a foot from its original location (it doesn’t have wheels). She likes to turn things, pull the flowers, fling things at it, rock herself… it is a GOLD MINE!

3. Remote Control

True, it’s not really hers, but when she is about to have a meltdown, just show her one of these, and she calms down. The key is to give her a remote that you are NOT currently using, or you find yourself watching a soap opera on Telemundo, and have to fight to get the channel back to Bridezillas. But of course, only the one Daddy uses is good, the other remotes are definitely not as much fun. The other bad part is, Baby slobber over the buttons. Just have disinfectant wipes handy, and problem solved

4. Play Pen

Now that she is becoming a bit more mobile, it’s great to have a place to contain her. You don’t need anything fancy, just a standard one. And the bigger the better. It’s also great for travel because she can sleep in there no problem. Throw a whole bunch of toys, including two pacifiers (see above), and now you can do the dishes, dust, vacuum, etc. because you are SUPER MOM!

5. Finger puppets

You think for playing roles and making up stories for her. Puhlease!!! I’m not that creative. Rather for things she can shove in her mouth. Recent favorites have been green caterpillar whose head was always easily placed in her mouth. Itsy Bitsy Spider (some friends have considered creepy), Hickory Dickory Dock (again friends have said to throw out the rat), and her all time favorite Humpty Dumpty. I think she relates to his shape (see previous post). Recently his foot has been found in her mouth, so depending when she gets teeth, his days are numbered. Alas, Fish Alive was stolen by the dog, and is now part of his dismember toys.



About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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6 Responses to 5 Must Have Baby Items

  1. Kash says:

    6. Wine.

    For mom and dad.

  2. Beth says:

    Nice blog. Like the 5 must have baby items.keep it up the good work

  3. Sam says:

    Those puppets look awesome, I’m gonna have to check them out as my girlz LOVE nursery rhymes. Mike howls like a dog when I sing to them but the LOVE it. Puppets can surely only enhance my performance. Oh, I also refuse to call a pacifier “binkie” (I just don’t get it), instead we call it “paci”…

    • frankiesmom12 says:

      I think the good part about babies, they as of yet do not understand singing off key. As you know, my vocal renditions are legendary. Maybe when O is older, she will never be able to listen to the REAL version of Row Row Row Your Boat or BINGO becuase she will only know my off key melody. Ah the joy of motherhood!

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